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Tandoori Roti

Unleavened whole-wheat flour bread baked in the tandoor oven

attach_money 3.99

Mango Lassi

attach_money 4.99

Chicken Manchurian

Batter fried chicken cubes sautéed with green onions, soy & Indo Chinese manchurian sauce

attach_money 13.99

Paneer Tikka

Diced homemade Indian cottage cheese marinated in yogurt, skewered in the oven with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers

attach_money 17.99

Vegetable Fried Rice

attach_money 13.99

Cone Dosa

This unique crepe curved like hat and topped with butter

attach_money 9.99

Gajar Halwa

Grated carrots are gently cooked in milk on a reduced flame until thick gravy is formed. It is then generously sprinkled with nuts and allowed to set. A celebratory dish across India

attach_money 6.99

Egg Curry

attach_money 15.99

Veg Biryani- Family Pack

A non-Paneer appetizer, biryani, & dessert (Jamoon or Rasmalai)

attach_money 44.99

Vegetable Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with vegetables, herbs, spices and garnished with onion and lemon

attach_money 13.99

Aloo Mutter

Aloo (Potatoes) cooked with peas in a rich creamy sauce and Indian spices garnished with Cilantro.

attach_money 14.99

Idly Vada

Two soft steamed rice cakes and one fried lentil doughnut served with chutneys & sambar.

attach_money 9.99